My NewsBreak Earnings Were 16x My Medium Earnings — Again!

August on NewsBreak was a lot like June

Andy Spears
3 min readSep 4, 2022


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I’ve been a part of the NewsBreak Contributor Program since February. I’ve found the site to be a reliable source of part-time writing income. I’ve also found that the payouts are substantially higher (for me) than what I earn here at Medium.

In June, I had a great NewsBreak month — and earned 16x what I earned on Medium over the same time period. That month, I had one story that earned $150 and some other stories with some pretty decent earnings.

In August, I had another story that was a high (for me) earner — closing in on $200. I had other stories with decent earnings — high double digits — and as a result, my September 15th payout will be a decent one.

By contrast, my Medium earnings have remained fairly constant. In fact, last month, I actually saw my highest-earning stories were ones about policy issues and not about writing — a first!

I love writing on Medium — I can write about what I want, when I want. Yes, I like writing pieces on policy analysis in the areas of education and consumer finance. Here, I can find other writers in those niches and also just read some great pieces on other areas of interest.

If you’re writing on NewsBreak, it is not for the community. The comments can be pretty crazy and there’s really not much connection among or between writers.

That said, if you produce the content NewsBreak likes, they will be sure people see it — and that means you will get paid. You get paid there for all views, not just for members. Of course, they put a big emphasis on people reading through their app.



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