My NewsBreak Earnings were 15x my Medium Earnings in January

NewsBreak is a great place for writers to earn from their work

Andy Spears
2 min readFeb 3, 2023
Photo by Taras Shypka on Unsplash

I’ve been writing at NewsBreak for about a year now and regularly updating how the experience there is going.

While I have typically seen NewsBreak be 5 or 6 times my Medium earnings, this past month, that number was 15x.

I also had a decent month on Medium — higher than any month since July. So, even as my Medium earnings went up, NewsBreak eclipsed them.

To be clear, a “great” month on Medium for me is making coffee money.

Still, when I click on my NewsBreak stats to see my earnings update, I see numbers that are “real.” This means I could use them to pay bills or meet expenses.

What do you write about at NewsBreak? I’ve published a few stories that categorize the types of articles I write there:

While the site has some pretty strict content rules, you can still cover a wide range of topics, get published, and earn.

Want to join me on NewsBreak? Use this link! I’ll earn a small commission and you’ll be joining a great writing network.



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