My NewsBreak Earnings in June were 16x My Medium Earnings

Need cash from writing? NewsBreak delivers!

Andy Spears
2 min readJul 4, 2022


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I’ve been in the NewsBreak Contributor Program since February. As a former press secretary and policy analyst, the idea of writing news-related pieces appeals to me.

Yes, my Medium work focuses on topics of interest and takes an analytical approach — issues like consumer finance and education policy generate most of my content here.

NewsBreak, though, is something of a different beast.

First, they have some pretty strict content guidelines.

Second, your posts have to be approved — grammar errors and straying into opinion instead of news and analysis — can get your pieces flagged or rejected.

Third, NewsBreak does the work of getting your content in front of an audience. Sure, you can market it yourself, but you don’t have to.

I post pieces and move on. Then, I come back to find a story with 100K impressions and 10k+ views (equivalent of reads).

My follower count there is steadily growing — and much faster than here on Medium.

The one negative seems to be that your pieces on NewsBreak tend to have a relatively short shelf life. 48–72 hours after posting seems to be the peak earning period. It’s not like Medium, where a piece you posted months ago can end up earning big.

This makes sense, of course. The premise of the site is news-related or fact-based accounts of events or people or places. These do tend to be somewhat time-sensitive rather than evergreen.

That said, if you like writing the type of content NewsBreak wants, you can earn some decent money.

There are lots of things I want to do as a writer, including turning a short story series into a novel. This takes time, of course. In order to get that free time, I need money.

I am starting to make some money on Medium. But, NewsBreak has consistently paid more — this month, 16x more than my Medium earnings.

So, NewsBreak just may be the path to earn a piece of financial freedom.



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