My NewsBreak Earnings in April were 6x My Medium Earnings

NewsBreak is more than coffee money

Andy Spears


Photo by Fahmi Fakhrudin on Unsplash

I’m now in my third full month on NewsBreak and the experience has been both interesting and rewarding.

NewsBreak is focused on news and on local content. That said, I publish a lot of consumer-related news that has a national audience.

The first hurdle to overcome is the requirement that you have 100 followers and at least 10 published stories before you can be in their “contributor” program and get paid for your writing.

After that, you need to watch out for their “strike system.” NewsBreak wants a certain type of content — fact-based, news-focused. They use strikes to enforce their editorial guidelines. You can appeal, of course, but after 3 strikes, you’re out.

One of my earliest stories received a strike, I made a change to it, appealed, and won. I also learned what NewsBreak wants.

Some writers aren’t crazy about the guidelines, but it is very clear that NewsBreak is NOT Medium — they want just the facts and a certain kind of writing.

The Money

How’s the money there? It’s pretty great!

I’ve enjoyed being on Medium and I love the freedom to write what I want and connect with other writers. However, as I’ve noted in chronicling my Medium journey, I’m just now at the point of earning some coffee money here.

By contrast, I had a great (decent three figures) month in March on NewsBreak. I could buy expensive coffee every day and still have NewsBreak money left.

My April NewsBreak numbers were not as good as March. This is probably because I didn’t have one big earning story like the one…



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