My Highest Earning Story in November was a Personal One

Connecting with your audience by being human

Andy Spears


Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

Every month, I publish a piece detailing my top five highest earning stories from the previous month.

I do this to force myself to look at the pieces I’m writing that are getting attention. I also do it so other writers can see what is working for this writer on Medium.

For a while, the top stories were always stories I wrote about writing. No surprise — there are a lot of writers here who are eager to learn about how to monetize their work.

However, more recently, I’ve noticed a shift. My policy stories on education and consumer issues seem to be gaining an audience. I’m glad for that. It has taken some time to build credibility on these issues, and I’m happy to see that investment in time paying off.

Even more recently, I’ve been publishing some stories about my own personal journey. Issues around a job search, childhood, connecting with others, even substance use. These, too, seem to do well.

So, I was pleased to see my top earning story in November be about my job searching journey.

A couple things stand out about this piece. First, it is a story of my own struggle with work/life balance and a desire to be a writer.

Second, the story was written in October, but was the top earner in November. Stories can gain life days or even weeks after we publish them.

Of course, stories about earning money writing are reliable money earners. Stories about writing at NewsBreak, Medium, and Simily came in 2nd, 3rd, and 5th.

However, a second personal story — also about my job search and personal search for balance —…



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