My Highest-Earning NewsBreak Story in May was About Financial Fraud

Consumer news gets some love

Andy Spears
2 min readJun 11, 2024
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Sure, there are individual fraudsters out there who attempt to acquire your cash through nefarious means.

Then, though, there are legitimate corporations organized for profit offering needed or desired services.

Some of them are also fraudsters. They employ tricks and gimmicks to get your money — and even break the law sometimes in order to get or keep money that’s not rightfully theirs.

That’s the case with a bit of consumer news I shared over at NewsBreak.

This piece was my highest-earning NewsBreak piece in May.

Chime is a big nonbank company that essentially provides banking services to millions of customers. You can get paid in your Chime account and use the app or a Chime card to make payments.

Based on the comments in response to this story, lots of people find Chime’s services beneficial (and preferable to traditional banking).



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