My Highest Earning Article in April was an Article About an Article

How meta-Medium makes money

Andy Spears
3 min readMay 2, 2022
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I’ve been writing seriously on Medium since December of 2021. That is, that’s when I focused on reaching the 100-follower count and staying in the Medium Partner Program. At that time, I started reading the work of other writers who have achieved some success on Medium — earning 4 figures or more a month on the platform.

The key takeaway: Persistence. Keep writing quality content and keep engaging with writers and pieces you like, and you’ll (eventually) achieve some success.

I’m not (yet) in the $100 or more a month club. I do, however, have 500 followers and a payout that is growing each month.

Last month, I wrote about the top five highest-earning articles from March and how one of them was a piece I wrote back in August of 2021.

That piece had the most reads in April and also earned the most income. The read ratio was 63% — pretty solid.



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