Monday ManyStories Mania

Back in the Top 10

Andy Spears


Photo by Joshua Golde on Unsplash

After a couple of weeks off, I’m back in the Top 10 over at ManyStories.

I attribute my “fall from grace” to taking some time to read at Medium and subsequently writing less.

Plus, the new formula here at Medium has been more rewarding with less content output, so I’m sharing less over at ManyStories.

That said, this past week, I cracked the Top 10 again and I’m glad to be back on the homepage.

For me, being listed at ManyStories has meant a few more views on my Medium and other content (Substack, NewsBreak).

Whether I’m writing about education policy, consumer finance, or Tennessee politics, it’s nice to get some eyes on my work.

Of course, I also have been experimenting with more personal writing here at Medium.

And, well, fiction.

Following the realization that Simily simply wasn’t going to be a viable creative writing platform, I have been exploring sharing my fiction here.

Here’s a sample:

ManyStories has been and continues to be the place where I share all my content from various platforms.



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