Many Trophies at ManyStories

Another week of content-sharing

Andy Spears


Email notice from ManyStories

It’s nice to receive recognition and encouragement.

That’s why I like ManyStories.

Yes, it’s a good place to get some extra reads on your Medium pieces.

But for me, it’s also a place to get a psychological boost.

The weekly “Top Writer” recap shows me the number of stories I’ve shared across platforms. That helps keep me going.

In addition to being the 4th “top writer” this week, I was also the 4th “top reader.”

And that’s the beauty of ManyStories. People who share there also read there.

Many of us are on Medium.

More than a few times, I’ve found a new Medium writer through content that is featured on ManyStories.

The point: Not only can you get some Medium readers to find your pieces through ManyStories, but you can also find a new writer or two to check out.

I also write regularly on NewsBreak and share those pieces over at ManyStories.

Plus, my Substacks on education policy and consumer finance also get a boost from being shared on the platform.

This piece about ManyStories? Yeah, I’m gonna share it on ManyStories.

You get the point.

Happy writing!



Andy Spears

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