Late on Rent? Look Out for Lending Lions and Cartoon Bears!

And fines for Chime, oh my!

Andy Spears


Photo by anthony renovato on Unsplash

Those two bears helped someone pay their rent. Now, they’re looking for their money back — plus interest!

A pound of flesh, that’s just an appetizer!

In recent consumer finance news, the cartoon bear of the Dave App is looking to lend cash to help pay rent.

But beware! That bear’s short-term loans can end up costing you. The effective interest rates on some Dave loans can add up to triple digits!

Then, there’s the lending lion over at MoneyLion.

Hey, a lion sitting next to a pile of “available” cash is still a lion. Those fees will eat you alive!

Oh, and your buds over at Chime have a money transfer app — Sendwave.

Turns out, sending with Sendwave is neither fast nor cheap — despite Chime’s claims:

And in one more case where consumers were done wrong, Blackbaud will pay a big fine for compromising the personal data of millions of Americans:



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