Just the Facts: Two Months on NewsBreak

A tale of my early experience in the NewsBreak Contributor Program

Andy Spears


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I signed up to write at NewsBreak at the end of last year. In order to be a paid writer on the platform, you have to have 100 followers and 10 published stories. In less than 30 days, I had the required number of followers and had published more than 10 stories. You then have to apply to be a part of their paid contributor program. My application was approved by the beginning of February.

Here’s one of my recent stories on the platform:

I’ve now been a part of the paid program for two full months. I’d say it’s going fairly well.

I made some money in February — nothing too exciting, but it definitely outpaced my Medium earnings that month. I write content on NewsBreak that is similar to what I write on Medium — news about consumer issues and some political news.

Here’s the biggest difference: NewsBreak wants just the facts. They frown on opinion — so, while on Medium I may offer opinions about policy issues, on NewsBreak, I just put the facts out there.

I also write some articles on local (relevant to a single state or a locality within the state) political issues. I live in Tennessee, so I tend to focus on issues impacting politics here.

Again, though, I write just the facts — a group holds a media event and I report on what was said — no commentary or insertion of my opinion on the issues.

March Earnings: 8x February’s

Yes, that’s right. In March, I earned 8x what I’d made in February. Again, I’m not retiring on my NewsBreak money from March, but the increase in earnings is certainly encouraging.

I have nearly 900 followers now (more than double what I have on Medium), and I’ve gotten into a rhythm of writing 1–2 NewsBreak stories a day. Sometimes, I repurpose a Medium story for 1 NB item, but I almost always write a story JUST for…



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