Just Another ManyStories Monday

I guess it’s a Medium Monday, too

Andy Spears


Photo by Matthew Guay on Unsplash

It’s Monday.

ManyStories is out with their Top Writer list again.

I’ve been sharing content on the platform since February.

Since then, I’ve ended up on the Top Writer list a fair number of times.

To be fair, this list is really about the “top sharer.”

Maybe it should be called “top self-promoter?”

Which is not bad — it just — is.

I like using ManyStories as a place to put all my published content — across all platforms.

I’ve also found some Medium writers there that I had not previously run into while using Medium.

It’s nice to run across new writers and to build community around writing.

Plus, ManyStories does seem to help give your Medium posts a slight boost.

I’m curious — with all the possible outlets available, where do you share content and what seems to be the biggest traffic generator?

I sometimes write fiction — here’s a sample:



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