Who is inside Chelle’s phone?

Andy Spears


Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

Chelle couldn’t figure out what was going on with her phone. She kept insisting to the small circle of friends she regularly texted that something was wrong. Her phone was slow to charge, she’d tell them. It was at 20% just a few minutes ago and then it was off, and I don’t know what happened, she’d say in response to frantic texts asking if she was ok.

It all seemed to start after the “incident.” The worst possible few minutes of her life. But, that incident, that attack … that couldn’t be related to this. More likely, it was related to someone close to her. She thought about the messy ending to a relationship a few years before. But why would all of this be surfacing now?

Chelle was going through a transition. A metamorphosis. She was finally blossoming after years of false starts and setbacks caused by others in her life. Now. Now this was holding her back. This … this thing.

She would wake up to find her phone somewhere near her bed, turned off, and completely dead. She’d charge it and go into to it and find that numbers had been blocked — numbers of people close to her, the few she relied on or had been close to in the past.

How was this happening?

She watched late one afternoon as a picture was called up on her phone and apparently “captured” all without her touching the device at all.

She was reluctant to tell people about this because she thought they’d think her crazy.

Maybe…maybe she was a bit crazy? Was her mind keeping her from handling true success? Was she creating an obstacle to the path that would lead her to fulfilling her potential?

No. No. It was her phone. More specifically, what HE had done to it. She’d narrowed it down and was pretty sure it was him. Four years was a long time, but he’d recently tried to get back into her life. She’d refused him entry. Now, this.

But, what else? There were the odd texts from unrecognized numbers giving details about her day. Was there a camera somewhere in her new apartment? How could she find it?

She started telling a few people, but most dismissed it. Those who knew the particular guy she sometimes mentioned thought there was no way he’d be that . . …



Andy Spears

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