Is There a Viable Alternative to Airbnb?

Sonder is making a strong move

Andy Spears


I wrote recently about how I’d finally taken the plunge and booked a stay at a Sonder.

I’ve been staying at a Sonder in Alexandria, Virginia for the past three days now. I’m in the DC area for a work-related trip.

Here’s the bottom line:

My Sonder was cheaper than business class hotels and didn’t carry the fees of an Airbnb.

I check out tomorrow.

My review: I am 100% booking at Sonder when I return to DC for work in March.

Here are a couple more pics I took while I was here:

Most Sonders have not only a fully-stocked kitchen but also a washer/dryer.

This particular unit did not come with a washer/dryer, but I’m only here for a few days, so that wasn’t necessary.

Yes, there are Sonders in the DC area with washer/dryer units.

I feel like I have my own personal apartment — a place to call “home” instead of a hotel.

Everything I need for a stay is here.

And, as I said, I’ll be booking at Sonder again!

Photo by Boxed Water Is Better on Unsplash



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