Is Simily Sleeping?

Andy Spears
3 min readApr 10, 2022
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I’ve been writing about my journey publishing fiction over at Simily for a few months now.

Today marks 13 weeks of participating on the platform. And, well, I think Simily is asleep.

The platform is nearing 3400 members and seems to be “growing” by about 50 a week — maybe less. Yes, that’s right. Simily is adding members — but 50 a week is super slow growth.

What actually seems to be happening is a lot of people leave and some people join and then the total net growth is 50 a week. That’s not a great sign. I’m guessing a lot of people take the free month, see that the platform isn’t really growing, and then leave it.

I’ve pledged to be in for a while. Still, it is frustrating to see something with decent potential hit a low point like this. Of course, getting funding to fix issues and changing the platform takes time. Medium has been around for a decade and hasn’t always been great. Still, one would hope a platform like Simily could make some adjustments to encourage growth.

Here’s one of my pieces on the platform:

I don’t want to just complain about slow growth — I mean, yes, that’s something to complain about. But I also want to offer some suggestions.

  1. Simily should use its social media platforms to promote pieces published on Simily. Writers want exposure for their writing. Other writers need to know that Simily will help them reach an audience.
  2. Simily should invest in some advertising/promotion of the platform. Let people know it’s out there to attract more readers and writers.
  3. Simily should provide some sort of timeline for changes/platform updates — this will let writers and readers alike know that positive change is coming soon.



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