Is ManyStories Marvelous?

It can be amazing for Medium writers

Andy Spears


Photo by Amit Jain on Unsplash

It’s Monday.

It’s ManyStories.

It’s Marvelous.

Ok, maybe it’s all a bit much.

Still, if you’re a Medium writer and you’d like a few more reads on your stories, ManyStories can help.

And, ManyStories wants to help!

Yes, sharing your content on social platforms can attract readers.

Yes, engaging here on Medium can attract readers.

Yes, becoming wildly famous and getting 15 minutes of insane attention can attract readers.

But you can also attract readers by sharing your stories on ManyStories.

It’s easy to use and there are lots of Medium writers there (which translates to Medium readers which means read time which means cash).

Is ManyStories likely to change your Medium numbers exponentially and lead to a huge deposit in your bank account?


Is it, though, one more useful tool in expanding the reach of your work?


In addition to riveting reviews of content-sharing platforms, I also write about education policy and consumer finance.

Oh, and I sometimes write fiction:



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