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Andy Spears
2 min readMay 23


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It’s Tuesday, and I’m sharing another Many Stories success story.

This past week, I was the third top writer on the content sharing platform.

Sure, that’s down from the past two weeks, when I scored consecutive number 2 rankings, but it still places my profile on the front page of Many Stories.

Here’s the deal: Many Stories is easy to use and it can boost your Medium content.

I use it to share all my content — here on Medium and also on NewsBreak and Substack.

Does it matter?


It’s one more link back to your content.

There are a ton of Medium users on Many Stories.

You earn on Medium via member read time — so, getting your stories in front of Medium members matters.

I’ve noticed a slow and steady increase in reads since I started using Many Stories.

It doesn’t take a ton of time. It may not give you a HUGE reader boost. But in my experience, it’s totally worth it.

Plus, you may find some Medium writers over there you haven’t seen in your feed here.

Have you shared on Many Stories? What’s your story?



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