How Writing at NewsBreak Can Help You Build a Daily Writing Habit

And earn some money, too

Andy Spears


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If you’re a writer, one the biggest challenges can be “getting inspired.”

Sometimes, it’s just a challenge to get those words down — and then, when you do, you may agonize over them.

One suggestion I’ve heard often is that you should write every day. Maybe not publish every day, but definitely write every day.

This can seem daunting — at first, it seems like work. And then, after you’ve written daily for days upon days, you may feel tired or burnt out.

But I’ve found that writing daily helps keep the momentum going. There’s nothing like starting to write to help inspire more writing.

So, how do you build a reliable daily writing habit?

For me, just getting a short piece of writing down — a complete piece in 500 words or less — helps get me started.

I’ve written before about my writing on NewsBreak.

I enjoy writing there — it’s pretty straightforward, the pieces can be short (250 word minimum), and the pay is decent.

I read a piece by Heidi Alice Suydam that reinforced the idea that writing on NewsBreak is also a great way to build a writing habit.

Why I Write for Newsbreak. If you are a writer, you should too. | by Heidi Alice Suydam | The Writing Cooperative

Here’s how she explains it:

Writing community content is an easy way to keep my brain moving. Writer’s block happens way too often. Writing for Newsbreak helps me write consistent content for Newsbreak and other platforms. For Newsbreak, I can write straightforward content that gets my writing muscles warmed up for more creative content.

I would absolutely concur.

The pieces I write there are usually short consumer news clips or brief pieces of community news. Sometimes, I write two to three pieces in a day.

Rarely do I write more than 300 words.

Organizing a story and putting down and communicating it in a short burst helps keep my brain going. It gets me writing.

Plus, the pay on NewsBreak is decent. Sometimes, I’ll write a NewsBreak piece and then republish it here on Medium or in my Substack and then add additional detail to flesh out the content.

The key takeaway: Writing on NewsBreak keeps me writing consistently.

Want to try it out? Here’s a link to the contributor app!

Yes, I’ll earn a small commission if you use my affiliate link to sign up.

Where do you like to write? What helps you build a daily writing habit?



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