How to Fight Illegal Debt Collection

Debt collectors often use shady and illegal tactics — here’s how you can protect yourself

Andy Spears


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If you owe a legitimate debt, you probably want to pay it back. Unfortunately, a variety of circumstances may make paying a debt in full difficult. Most legitimate debt collectors will work with you if you’re willing to pay something and agree to a plan.

However, a number of debt collectors use shady and even illegal tactics in order to get you to pay.

The consumer protection attorneys at Finn Law Group offer some insight into the types of tactics that are illegal and what you can do to protect yourself from shady debt collectors.

Consumers Abused By Debt Collectors (

Here’s an example from a recent case of a debt collector (Vantage Point) making false claims in order to attempt to get a consumer to pay a debt:

The defendants, using these deceptions, falsely claimed that consumers had committed a crime and that an arrest warrant would be issued unless they made a payment. Often, the defendants told consumers that they would spend months in jail or would need to pay thousands of dollars in bail if they didn’t pay. In some cases, the defendants falsely told third parties, including consumers’ friends and employers, that the consumers had committed a crime and that a warrant had been issued for their arrest.

As Finn Law notes, when you are faced with these claims, it can be very intimidating. You should know that collectors can’t threaten jail time and are not allowed to talk to others about the specifics of your debt. Certainly, they should not be claiming to your friends or coworkers that you may be arrested.

In this case, the collector was fined and ordered to cease these tactics.

However, if you’re facing a shady collector, you have recourse.



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