How I Made $10 in Less than 1 Minute on Vocal

I didn’t even have to write a story

Andy Spears


Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

I first heard about in 2020.

Back then, I was looking for ways to both write and get paid for it.

I saw lots of ads on Facebook for Vocal. The ads featured people in coffee shops or bedrooms or home workspaces — all writing away at laptops and looking super happy.

The text would say things like “Jenny makes $600 a month writing stories on Vocal.”

Or, “Ted earns as much as $2000 a month sharing his stories on Vocal.”

When I read these ads, I thought: “This is total bullshit. There’s no way it’s that easy.”

But I also thought: “Maybe I could earn SOME money writing??!”

I checked Vocal out.

The free membership meant you earned some money (around $3) for every 1000 views your stories got.

I figured I could write and share some stories and make some cash.

It was not, in fact, that easy.

Vocal is a .media site. So, not a .com or .org.

Which means people aren’t easily finding Vocal.

I remember telling a friend I’d published some stories on Vocal and they said, “What is Vocal?”


Still, my stories earned a few cents. I shared them on social media and got some reads.

BUT — if you bout a paid membership, you could enter contests and also earn more per 1000 reads.

So, I did.

The paid membership also had this fun bonus feature: If you read and liked 50 stories, you got a $5 bonus.

Oh, and being a paid member meant you could withdraw your Vocal earnings at $20 (rather than at $35 for free members).

There were also bonuses for leaving comments and for publishing more than 10 stories.

I got to $20 pretty quickly — and this at least covered my membership cost.

Still, I was earning far more from bonuses than from reads.

Eventually, the monthly fee for Vocal+ became more than what I was earning there.



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