How a Single Day Off Convinced Me I am Insane

Self-care is NOT a myth

Andy Spears
3 min readOct 17, 2022


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Today is my day off.

It is my first REAL day off in a long, long time.

Today, I realized I’m insane.

I wrote recently about how events that transpired in my life prior to 2020 came to a head in 2020 and forced me to reckon with reality.

So, here’s more:

Currently, I teach three classes at a liberal arts college and two classes at a state school in the city where I live.

That’s a full-time assignment — five classes — at just about any college anywhere in the country.

But, I also have a client that requires 80 hours a month of work. It’s a contract assignment, and one I’ve had since 2021.

And, until today, I had a full-time assignment with a nonprofit.

That is, this group paid me a full-time salary plus benefits in exchange for full-time engagement in their work.

By all accounts, I delivered and then some.

But let’s recap: I have a full-time nonprofit job. I have a full-time course load of classes. AND I have a client expecting at least 80 hours a month worth of work.

I’m insane!

Today is fall break at the school where I teach three classes in-person.

Today is also my first day I’m not bound by the contract of the nonprofit — my work there officially ended on 10/14.

So, sure, I have two online classes — and I still have that pesky part-time nonprofit client.

But, in terms of specific, contracted work — today is my day off. I technically have no paid obligations today.

So, of course, this WOULD be the day that my car battery dies.

Which means I’ve been at the shop and getting things replaced, etc.



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