Give Yourself a Break — with More Debt

The Dave app wants to give you a break by helping you add more debt to your life

Andy Spears
2 min readMay 29, 2024
Dave wants you to relax and add some debt to your life — at least that’s what emails like this one suggest

What are your plans this weekend?

Grocery shopping?

Out with friends?

Playdate with kids?

Maybe a nice date or a movie or museum alone?

If cash flow’s a problem — or if you simply love the idea of adding to your debt load — the Dave App has you covered.

According to the text of a recent email Dave sent to users, you can relax this weekend simply by taking out a cash advance of up to $500.

Of course, that $500 (plus any interest/fees) is due to be paid back within a couple weeks.

But you can relax right now. And maybe for the next 13 days. Then you’ll check your bank account and be $500+ in the hole.


This Dave is kind of an asshole.

Always making offers that purport to ease your troubles and then creating scenarios where you end up in more trouble.

If you run into this bear in the woods, get the fuck away (he’s really a man in a cartoon bear costume).



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