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  • L.J. Rose

    L.J. Rose

    Romance & fantasy novelist. I write mostly about love, dating, and gender roles. Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/lj_rose93

  • Harmony S

    Harmony S

    I live in a constant state of self-deprecation and awe of the world. https://www.buymeacoffee.com/HarmonyShaheen

  • Wendy Scott MPharm

    Wendy Scott MPharm

    Mental health pharmacist (UK), trauma informed mindfulness, healthcare writer. Subjects: health, self-help, current affairs, money-saving, content writer.

  • EllenEastwood


    Freelancer | Pop-culture enthusiast | Armchair cultural anthropologist | Generalist | Curious | Adventurous | Top Reader

  • Indigo


    Life Enthusiast | Self development, relationships, wellbeing, navigating trauma. Oh, and writing tips.

  • Daniella Montage

    Daniella Montage

    Homeschool alumni and mom, hopeful writer, avid reader, lover of tattoos & guitarists.

  • Dana Leigh Lyons

    Dana Leigh Lyons

    I’m a doctor of Chinese Medicine, college dean, and writer. https://www.danaleighlyons.com/

  • Flutterby


    Lover of art, reading, and writing. Passionate about my sobriety.

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