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The ManyStories magic continues

Andy Spears
2 min readMay 30, 2024
Better late than never — a featured story on ManyStories

It’s no secret that I enjoy sharing my stories over at ManyStories.

The content-sharing site is a great place to get your work in front of a few more potential readers.

Oh, and there’s lots of content — lots of articles to read — so, you’re likely to find something or someone you enjoy reading, too.

One nice thing MS does is “feature” certain stories.

This means when readers go to the ManyStories main page, they see a certain group of stories.

Having a featured story means that many ManyStories readers — not just your followers — are likely to see your content.

That means a better chance of click-throughs to your actual piece.

The above email let me know one of the pieces from my education policy blog was featured.

Sure, it’s from March and yes, the TN legislature has concluded its session without passing the bill the story references — but, well, it’s still a feature. Still a chance to reach potential readers.

Here’s the story in case you’re curious:



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