Does Many Stories Mean Many Views?

What’s the sharing platform all about?

Andy Spears
2 min readApr 24


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If you write on Medium, you know the importance of getting Medium members to read your stories.

After all, read time from Medium members is the only way to get paid from Medium.

If no one who is already a Medium member reads your stuff, you earn zero.

I’ve had pieces get a high number of views/reads and earn next to nothing.

Because all the views were external.

This means, though, that you need to find ways to reach Medium members.

That is, if you hope to earn from your work.

One way to do this is through ManyStories.

I’ve been sharing my content there for a couple of months now.

This past week, I was listed as the #3 top writer. What does that mean? Simply that of writers sharing on ManyStories, I shared the third most.

It also means my profile gets featured on the front page.

That’s a helpful boost.

I’ve noticed a slow and steady climb in my Medium reads since I started my ManyStories journey.

This, then, means ManyStories is a way to get your Medium content in front of more Medium readers — which means more potential Medium earnings.

It’s just one more way to expose your writing to a wider audience.

I also share my NewsBreak and Substack pieces on ManyStories — it’s a one-stop shop for my writing.

Have you shared on ManyStories?



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