Do You Want to Write a Book?

And get it traditionally published

Andy Spears


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It’s likely that a good number of writers here on Medium (and elsewhere) look forward to one day publishing a book. This may take the form of self-publishing by way of an e-book or other form. Or you may want to go the traditional publishing route.

I’ve written some short stories that I’d like to one day see as part of a collection or even as a novel. I also write some consumer finance pieces that I think could form the basis of an e-book.

I do, also, think about the benefits of traditional publishing — even though going from finished manuscript to final, published book can be quite a process.

How, then, do you start?

Well, I don’t (yet) have a full manuscript. That’s really step one.

But, then what?

Well, Dana Leigh Lyons is going through this process right now. Even better, she’s chronicling her experience right here on Medium.

She goes through all the steps in the process and explains how she’s been going about it.

I just read her piece on how to write an Author Bio and loved it. I am hopeful my own book proposal is as well-developed and wonderful as Dana’s.

I’m confident Dana will find an agent — and then a publisher.

She has an enticing way of grouping words together. Plus, she’s building a following — loyal readers likely to embrace any finished work of hers and give it an honest read.

Projects like this are why I enjoy Medium. We can watch other writers go through the writing process and learn from them. We can offer feedback and share our own experiences. These connections are priceless.

What’s your experience with book publishing? What have you found that works for you and what challenges have you faced in the process?



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