Can the Dave App Keep You Warm This Winter?

Or will a loan from a cartoon bear leave a chill in your wallet?

Andy Spears
2 min readJan 20, 2023

I really wish this wasn’t a real ad being circulated by the Dave App.

Sadly, it is.

The app known for the friendly-looking cartoon bear is suggesting that you get a cash advance to cover winter expenses like heat and coats.

So — Dave doesn’t care about the state of an economy where covering the basics isn’t possible for many.

OR — Dave needs cash so the company is asking those least able to pay to take out a loan and incur debt at crazy interest rates so the Dave team can stay rich.

Well, and even though the operators of Dave are ostensibly well off, the company itself may be struggling:

Dave shares have plummeted over 97% since the company went public, mirroring the performance of the broader basket of SPACs. In July, the Nasdaq warned Dave that if its share price didn’t improve, it was at risk of being delisted. The stock currently trades for 28



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