Birds of Pray

A woman, her church, and some birds . . .

Andy Spears
6 min readJan 30, 2022


10 AM Saturday morning. Supper Club day. Wanda would be hosting the group of eight that evening. She always relished hosting days. The chance to show everyone the modest home where she and Dean still lived despite his apparent career success. It was the home where they’d raised their children. Only the second home they’d ever owned. It was paid for and nicely furnished, but clearly modest. At least according to what they could afford.

This demonstration of their fiscal restraint surely let others know that Wanda and Dean stored their real treasure in heaven. Yes, they’d both one day share a mansion in heaven and wear crowns signifying their dedication to God and their modest lives on earth. Humble servants, they clearly were.

Mateusz Feliksik/Unsplash

Wanda poured another glass of orange juice and mixed in a touch of vodka from the open bottle on the counter. Sure, it was her second drink, but it was a hosting day. It’s not like she had a problem like Martha’s. Everyone knew about Martha and her monthly wine deliveries from California. Well, at least Wanda thought everyone knew. Plus, Martha didn’t exactly hide her love of the fruit of the vine. Then again, Martha was “new” to the faith, having dutifully followed Ronald once they’d married.

Dean was gone and would be most of the day. Since the elections, he’d been joining Pastor Gregg every Saturday for a day of fasting and prayer to prepare for Sunday’s service. Wanda had never seen Dean so on fire for Christ.

The focused prayer time was clearly working, too. Some eleven souls had been brought to Jesus in the past month. Dean and Gregg had been specially blessed and through their dedication, they would transform the church in the image of the Lord.

Wanda finished her juice then poured vodka into the tall, skinny glass until it was half full. She downed this quickly, then returned the bottle to the back of the pantry, where Dean would never see it.

She was ready now to face the day. There was meal prep and cleaning all to be done before 6:30, when guests would begin to arrive. Billy and Sandra always arrived first, mainly because Billy loved a good meal. The oldest couple in the group, they had been dating since both their spouses died. Neither seemed in…



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