Another Simily Sunday

12 weeks on a slow growing writing platform

Andy Spears


Photo by R Mo on Unsplash

I joined Simily 12 weeks ago and I’ve been chronicling my fiction writing journey there every week since.

Here’s the thing: Simily has slowed down. A lot.

I like writing there. It’s a good outlet for fiction. I’ve had some good interactions with other fiction writers on that platform. I’ve even earned some money. If you put my Simily earnings (where I only publish fiction) next to my Medium earnings for just my fiction pieces, they’d be roughly the same. Medium may be slightly ahead, but it is a larger platform and I have more followers here.

Still, you earn from internal and external views on Simily (for now), so it is a good way to maximize earnings from a single piece. Of the seven pieces I have there, this one is one of the better performers:

Here’s where the platform stands: 3300 members (adding about 100 since last week). I’ve got 105 followers and my stories have earned a total of almost $4.00.

The slow growth is a concern. A big concern. I can see why writers either A) aren’t excited about joining yet or B) join for a month or so and leave.

The platform can be slow to load, and it can be tough to get interaction/feedback on your pieces.

On the plus side, Simily remains fiction heavy — I like that. If you are a fiction writer and want to share stories and get feedback from other fiction writers, Simily can be a good place to be.

Another positive is that the founders are conducting a series of small group Zoom calls and actively seeking feedback on ways to improve the site. The question is: When will we see significant site upgrades?



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