Another Monday ManyStories Story

A story of content sharing

Andy Spears


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Coming soon to ManyStories — THIS amazing story about ManyStories.

Ok, it’s basically the same story.

2nd top writer for the week.

Opportunity to share content.

And yes, every story I write here on Medium is also shared on ManyStories.

Also on my ManyStories page?

My writing from NewsBreak and Substack.

Plus, a few times a week, I’ll run into new writing on ManyStories — from writers here on Medium that don’t show up in my feed.

It’s one more way to both gain exposure for your writing AND to find new writers to read.

It’s simple and can boost your Medium views/read time.

In the meantime, how have the changes here at Medium impacted your experience?

In addition to writing about writing platforms, I also write some fiction:


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