An Awesome April

My top 5 earning stories

Andy Spears
2 min readMay 8, 2024
Photo by Eilis Garvey on Unsplash

In the world of Medium, stories about stories on Medium — and especially stories about stories that earn money on Medium — tend to earn money on Medium.

So it was no real surprise when I looked back at my April earnings and saw that among my top 5 earning stories were a few about stories that earn money — either on Medium or other writing platforms.

I continue to be encouraged, too, that personal stories perform well. Even ones I wrote a while back.

So, here goes. My Top 5 earners from Awesome April:

Number one is a story about earning money over at NewsBreak. While some indications suggest the earnings flow has slowed there, I’ve still found the site to be worth my time.

My number 2 story in April was about sharing content over at ManyStories:



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