A Tool to Help Grow Your Substack

Substack is great — but growth is on you!

Andy Spears


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I’ve been writing newsletters on Substack for the past two years. TWO YEARS.

That seems crazy to me — but, it’s true.

I have a Substack on education policy and another on consumer protection issues.

I must really like it or else I wouldn’t be there for two years, right?


I do enjoy writing newsletters/blog posts on Substack.

It’s a great way to connect with an audience that opts-in to your content.

You want the audience that wants you, right?

While Substack is taking action to improve discoverability and increase the chances that Google finds your posts, the reality is that a lot of the growth on Substack is up to the writer.

  1. Write amazing content. No substitute for this.
  2. Promote the hell out of your content

The good news? The people who click “subscribe” WANT your writing.

The challenging news? How do you find those people?

Burk offers one relatively new way to reach potential subscribers.

It’s called Lettergrowth.

Lettergrowth is about sharing your newsletter — and connecting with potential collaborators.


That’s HUGE in the newsletter world.

Sure, you are reaching YOUR audience.

But, how do you grow that audience?

One way is to get in front of readers who might be interested in your content.

Lettergrowth helps make that happen.

Here, you can see other writers writing on your topic(s). You can work with them. You can feature them in your work — and they can feature you.

Guess what happens when they feature you?

At least SOME of their readers will check out your stuff.

If your work is badass, they may even subscribe to YOUR content.

Collaboration is a key to growth — so, check out Lettergrowth to help build your Substack list.



Andy Spears

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