A Super Stay at Sonder Del Ray

Makes me want to Sonder everyday

Andy Spears


Photo by Rhema Kallianpur on Unsplash

I travel a fair amount for work. For a while earlier this year, I was out of town at least one full week each month.

In February, I was asked to go to Washington, DC on an assignment. When I went to book a hotel, one of the options was something called Sonder.

The rooms were larger than a hotel room and were essentially apartments — complete with full kitchens. Some Sonders also have washer/dryer units.

To my surprise, the rate was actually cheaper than a comparable business-class hotel.

So, I would get more room for less money.

Sonder, though, has no on-site staff. The entire check-in and stay process is managed through an app.

I gave it a try and loved it.

The building was located in a cozy neighborhood right next to a local pizza shop and across the street from a great burger place. It was just minutes from my office destination.

I took walks, ate at local restaurants, and felt like I was living in the Del Ray community of Alexandria (located just outside of DC).

I came back two more times and stayed in the same building.

The rooms are essentially pretty large studio apartments.

However, on my most recent visit, the apartment actually had a separate bedroom. This was, by far, my favorite Sonder.

I’ve not encountered any real difficulties during a stay. I did have some trouble accessing the internet once, but used the chat feature on the app to get the help I needed.

The apartments are clean, convenient, and make me feel at home.

My DC experience with Sonder (4 stays now) has made me a believer. On any other trip, I’ll now be looking for Sonders.

I would imagine, too, that these units would be great for longer/extended stays.

I’m curious — have you been Sondering? If so, what was your experience like?



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