A Simily Surge?

The creative writing platform slowly moves toward 5000 members

Andy Spears


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I’ve been writing on Simily since January of this year and regularly chronicling my experience there so Medium readers can learn more about this new platform focused on creative writing.

Last week, I wrote about winning the “Story of the Month” for my piece “Birds of Pray.”

What does winning “Story of the Month” do for your views?

That’s a great question. I have written often about the need for Simily to promote the writing (and writers) on their site. Story of the Month is one way Simily promotes writers and writing. The selected story is emailed out to subscribers and (supposedly) promoted on social channels. It is also featured on the front page of the Simily site.

So, what happened?

My story was mentioned in two emails from Simily over the past week.

The views/reads on the story “Birds of Pray” more than doubled. That is, I received as many views of the story in one week as I had since I published it in late January. One week of promotion by Simily was equal to more than 6 months of views absent that promotion.

I’d say that proves my point: Simily should be doing MORE to promote the writing on the site.

What about socials?

Best I can tell, the social pages for Simily are not all that active. I have not seen my story promoted on the Simily Twitter or Facebook pages. I would imagine such promotion would only further boost views.

Simily should, in my view, use their social channels to celebrate great writing and to draw in new readers and writers to the site.

The bottom line:

My experience (so far) with having writing promoted by Simily demonstrates the importance of this type of promotion. Writers want to get their writing in front of readers. A writing platform should help make that possible.



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