A Simily Milestone

Yes, you can earn on the platform

Andy Spears


Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

I’ve been publishing on Simily for nine weeks now and chronicling my journey along the way.

The platform has just over 3000 members now and growth has slowed down significantly. As I note in the piece above, the founders are engaging members in some feedback calls. This possibly indicates a desire to improve the platform.

Still, the question remains: Can a current user of Simily earn money on the platform?

The short answer: Yes!

I just reached a Simily milestone — a single story has now received enough reads to earn $1.00. Here it is:

Sure, that’s not a lot. But it is possible to see a story cross the $1.00 earnings threshold.

I’ve also taken to republishing my fiction (I only publish fiction on Simily) here on Medium. That same story is a top 10 earner for me here on Medium this month.

Here’s my second-highest earning Simily story:

Perhaps I am the eternal optimist, but I am hopeful that the calls with founders will yield meaningful change. Soon.

Have you published on Simily? Where else do you publish short fiction?



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