A Medium Milestone

Crossing 500 followers on my writing journey

Andy Spears


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I’ve been writing on Medium for some time now, but seriously writing here since December of 2020. That’s when Medium said you’d need 100 followers to stay in the Medium Partner Program. I knew that to do this, I’d need to step up my game — both by writing more consistently and by engaging more with other writers.

I’ve done both — I hit the 100 follower mark in January and have seen steady growth since. Just last week, I passed the 500 follower mark. Thank you to all who have stopped to read and then decided to hit the follow button.

Most of my content is about consumer protection issues. It’s a passion of mine — something I learned a lot about while advising a nonprofit. I believe that if I can provide some good information, people will have a fighting chance in a marketplace where the balance is often tilted toward banks and big corporate interests.

Here’s a recent example — a piece on “Yo-Yo” auto sales and the credit games auto dealers play:

Along the way, I’ve met other writers and enjoyed reading their experiences.

I found out that Scot Butwell and I have a lot in common — a love of sports and stats, for example.

I’ve enjoyed the constant encouragement and positivity of Kristina God.

I’ve discovered open, authentic, vulnerable writers like Dana Leigh Lyons. Here’s one of her pieces I particularly enjoyed:

And I’ve read comments from readers that have offered encouragement and constructive criticism.

All of this to say: I’ve enjoyed the Medium journey so far. I now can count on earning enough each month to pay for the monthly subscription AND buy some coffee, so that’s a win.

Oh, and sometimes I publish fiction here — something fun and different from the serious, newsy content that tends to dominate my work.

I’m excited to continue this journey and see where it goes.

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