A Magnificent ManyStories Monday

The content sharing site has some benefits

Andy Spears


Photo by Say Cheeze Studios on Unsplash

It’s Monday.

That means it is the day when I learn whether I was a Top 10 writer on ManyStories in the past week.

This past week, I was third.

All of the Top 10 writers and readers have their profiles featured on the ManyStories front page.

That increases the chances someone visiting the site will read one of the stories you share.

I will, of course, share this story about ManyStories over at ManyStories.

There are lots of Medium writers there. And, well, if one of them who happens to be in the Partner Program reads a story you share, it’s a win — you might get them to stay on your story for 30 seconds — and then you get a read.

You might get some claps — again, a chance to earn.

You might, while you are on ManyStories, discover a writer on Medium or another platform that you really enjoy.

One Medium writer who has had some recent success — including featured content- on ManyStories is Carrie.

Here’s a piece she shared about what being on ManyStories has meant for her content:

Where do you share your content?

In addition to education policy and consumer news, I also write fiction. Here’s a recent example:



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