22 Weeks on Simily

Still going strong, slow, and steady

Andy Spears
2 min readJun 13, 2022


Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash

I’ve been on Simily for 22 weeks now and have been chronicling my journey there each week.

The platform continues to grow slowly and sometimes makes slight adjustments or upgrades to improve the experience for readers and writers.

Simily is closing in on 4000 members, so it’s still very small. Gaining traction in terms of interaction/engagement can be difficult. But what can you expect from a platform with just under 4000 regular members?

While Simily focuses on fiction and creative writing, there is room for nonfiction, and they certainly allow you to republish/repurpose content from other sites.

I publish my short fiction there and then republish it here on Medium. For me, this is a way to organize my writing and a way to maximize earnings from fiction.

Here’s my most recent piece on Simily:

I have read that Simily plans to move to a new hosting platform — it’s now a WordPress site. That will be a huge improvement. Of course, that migration will require money and take some time. It’s not yet clear what the critical mass of members is in order to effectuate that change.

Until then, I think it’s a great place to experiment with creative writing and/or repurpose content and pick up some extra earnings.

Have you written on Simily? What other platforms do you use for your writing?



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